Organizational Assessment / Comprehensive Consultation
We work with you and your company—large or small—to maximize return on investment in your organization’s resources and to gain competitive advantage. The process begins with a free one-hour initial consultation, followed by a comprehensive analysis of your business in which we meet with your key stakeholders to collect data about the issues at hand. From there, we develop a report of recommendations, and work with you to determine the scope of services required and timeline for completion of the work.
Strategic Planning
We facilitate the strategic planning process, leading stakeholders in the identification of opportunities that support the company’s goals or organization’s vision.
Growth Strategy / Strategic Implementation
We work with you to develop the steps necessary to transform strategic planning goals and vision into functioning strategic initiatives. Our implementation process includes individual and team accountability, thus ensuring that your strategic plan inspires action toward fulfilling organizational goals rather than collecting dust on a shelf.
Outcome Measurement
For organizations dedicated to making a difference, it can be challenging to evaluate progress. We help you identify what to measure, how to measure it by integrating quantitative systems into the day-to-day operations, and how to report your impact using evidence-based data to illustrate results.
Change Management / Project Management

By outsourcing specific projects to Ann Barrett Associates, organizations and companies are able to continue their important daily work while accomplishing strategic goals—without hiring additional staff. We take charge of your specific concepts, moving them forward to meet your goals.

Examples of the types of projects we manage include:

  • Transitional Periods: We provide leadership while administrative teams are changing.
  • New Product Development: We provide oversight and coordination of product development and launches.
  • Mergers: We help organizations merge cultures and operations.
  • Grant Administration: We oversee the administration of grants for specific projects.

Human Resources

We work with organizations to maximize return on investment in human capital.

Examples of the HR services we offer include:

  • Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring of Personnel
  • Workforce Analysis and Performance Evaluation
  • Administration of Personnel Files and Legal Documents that Relate to Employment
  • Workforce Personnel Data Management
  • Workforce Conduct and Behavior Management
  • Compensation, Rewards, and Benefits Management
  • Staff Training and Development

Volunteer Management

We help organizations create successful volunteer programs.

Examples of our volunteer management expertise areas include:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Training
  • Productivity
  • Safety and Liability